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My name is Amy Welbourne. I am a qualified Counsellor and Life Coach with 10 years of experience working in the wellbeing industry. I am a member of the Australian Counselling Association. 

I am a mother of 3 (including teens)  who loves learning new things, getting outdoors, exploring new places, and being grounded by nature. I have lived experience with mental ill health both as a consumer and carer and am well placed to support my clients through their wellbeing journey. 

Whether you're a parent with concerns around your child's behaviour, anxiety, school or peer engagement, a teen struggling to connect with their parents or peers or battling identity and self-esteem crisis, or an adult with individual well-being goals such as a fruitful relationship with friends, romantic partner, career or family, I am here to listen, to be curious and to support you in your journey. With a toolkit of therapeutic strategies and plenty of evidence-based programs to draw upon, I am confident we can find the right support for your unique space.  

Book a FREE Discovery Call to connect with me, and within 15 minutes you will know whether I am the right fit for you and whether I can offer the level of support you need. 

During our Discovery Call I will complete an intake assessment by asking questions regarding your current wellbeing concerns, any previous wellbeing issues, any possible risk of harm, how well you are supported outside of the therapeutic space, and other factors that will determine whether the level of care I can offer you is the most appropriate. If it is identified that you require more support than I can offer within the scope of my practice, I will support you in finding the most appropriate care, and offer a warm referral process to ensure you do not have to retell your story unnecessarily. 

Your privacy and confidentiality are at the foreground of everything I do and transparent communication will commence from our first point of connection and continue throughout your wellbeing journey with Affinity Wellbeing. 


0419 016 692

The Wellness Edge Centre

64 Cobra Street
Dubbo NSW 2830

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